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Our experience as consultants in the field of systematically searching for executives has prompted us to formulate a few principles whose compliance forms the basis for effective and successful cooperation.


  1. The client ensures that NISTLER CONSULTING will be awarded the order exclusively.
  2. NISTLER CONSULTING is obliged to keep confidential all information received from the client. Equally, the client will keep confidential all information that it receives from NISTLER CONSULTING as part of this order.
  3. To enable a uniform assessment and objective selection of applicants, all candidates are to be subjected to a standardised selection process. This also affects all interested parties who were brought into the discussion by the client.
  4. During the client’s interviews with clients, it is essential that a consultant from NISTLER CONSULTING is also present. Only in this way can we effectively support the mutual approximation process as a catalyst between the client and candidate.
  5. We obtain references as soon as both parties have reached a broad consensus following direct discussions between the client and candidate and obtaining references is the final step. We assure candidates that neither we nor our clients will obtain references without their consent.
  6. In the course of consultations, unforeseen circumstances may cause the client to cancel an order. In such a case, NISTLER CONSULTING will proportionally charge the services that were provided up to the receipt of corresponding written notification by the client.
  7. During a systematic search, it is occasionally necessary to change the profile of requirements. Such a change usually causes extra work for the consultant. In this case, a new budget is set up together with the client that takes the changed circumstances into account.
  8. During the course of the assignment, if more than one candidate is employed, NISTLER CONSULTING is entitled to invoice an additional fee amounting to 60% of the originally agreed fee for each additionally employed candidate.
  9. Incidental costs that are incurred in connection with processing an order will be billed separately to the fees and according to actual expenditure. This includes travel and possible accommodation costs of candidates and consultants as well as possible communication costs.
  10. NISTLER CONSULTING shall report to the client on the consulting progress at regular intervals. The client and NISTLER CONSULTING shall mutually inform each other in confidence about all circumstances that may influence work on the project.


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